Off the shelf

"If you can't trace a line between the work you are doing and the impact on a young person’s life, then stop".

Leadership Programmes


Working across individual schools, groups of schools, partnerships and education based organisations, SDSA offers a holistic and tailored approach to leadership development. Working upstream with clients to understand their vision and outcomes, our team co-designs a unique programme of support that reflects proven and innovative approaches that positively impact on leadership awareness and skills, shared vision and organisational alignment to the direction of travel.

360 Evaluation Tool


Empowering individuals to drive their own development, the 360 Evaluation Tool enables schools, organisations and partnerships to support their teams development through feedback at all levels. The tool is tailored to the qualities and values of each, therefore aligning to the organisations direction of travel. Supporting users from end to end, we create clarity around feedback, goal setting, areas for development and possible blind spots.

Careers Curriculum Builder


Building on the Career Development Institute's (CDI) framework six areas of learning, the careers curriculum builder helps you design a curriculum that facilitates positive careers and lifelong career development across KS3 and KS4. The tool provides everything you will need to deliver your careers curriculum including lesson plans, roadmaps, presentations and workbooks.



Pathways to Education takes a bespoke approach to the development and growth of young people. Students are supported to overcome their barriers to being successful young adults and achieving their career aspirations through coaching, mentoring, learning and development workshops and aspirational inputs. Underpinned by a wealth of experience each Pathways Programme is designed in partnership with schools and tailored to meet the needs of the children and young people.



Building on over 20 years' experience, Future Pathways provides vocational curriculum opportunities for secondary students particularly those who have a strong interest, aptitude, or simply wish to explore vocational and practical based subjects that will complement their GCSE studies. Working with local delivery partners, we offer specialist facilities and expertise that enables students to achieve nationally recognised qualifications that provide clear progression pathways onto post 16 study.

Healthy Schools' Network


Supporting schools to develop a whole-school-approach to promoting health and wellbeing, the network takes a blended approach to virtual and face to face learning. Focused on healthy eating, physical and social activity, emotional well-being and personal, social health education, network members have the opportunity to take part in developmental workshops, latest practice conferences and best practice sharing events. With readymade resources, online toolkits, frequent communication about latest practice network members are supported in a holistic approach to becoming a healthy school.