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Projects and Initiatives


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School Council Support

School Councils are made up of representative young people elected by their peers to raise and discuss issues that are important to them with senior school management and school governors.

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School Linking

Although there is no longer a formal duty for schools to promote community cohesion, evidence suggests that children and young people can benefit from meaningful interaction if they have an opportunity to mix and learn with, from and about other children and young people from different backgrounds.

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School Linking Network

Based on the Schools Linking Project (SLN) started in Bradford in 2001, backed by the Department for Education (DfE) the project enabled schools to develop their positions as hubs of tolerant and diverse communities and provide safe learning environments for all - whatever ethnic or religious background.

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Smoking Cessation Project

The SDSA co-ordinated a club night called What’s the Point! at a city centre music venue with live DJs, musicians and rappers who had been commissioned to create new music with lyrics about not smoking.

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Social Work Leadership Development

The programmes have all been developed in partnership with the employers to co-design and deliver a work-based programme that is highly contextualised. Most recent programmes have been arranged to support the policy direction indicated by the work of Professor Munro to move from ‘compliance to learning’ and to emphasise critical reflection.

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Social Work Professional Development Network

The Social Work Network supports the improvement of professional development opportunities for social workers within the East Midlands.  Its members include those from local authorities and all the higher education institutions within the East Midlands who lead on social work training.

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Supported Summer Read (Whatever it Takes)

Supported Summer Read engages the selected pupils over a period of approx 15 weeks in an evidenced based key intervention alongside a light touch Reading Coaching programme which blends a combination of 1-to-1 tuition, effective feedback and self regulation.

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Support for Teaching Schools

The SDSA has a growing portfolio of work to provide business support and extra capacity and co-ordination to Teaching Schools to enable them to fulfil their growing mandate.

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