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Greater than the Sum (GTTS)

Greater than the Sun

The SDSA co-ordinates a GTTS network in partnership with the Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) which offers a variety of opportunities to Maths Champions across Leicester city schools.

The GTTS network is accessible for all primary, secondary and special schools. The network offers schools free training, including CPD conference meetings and the opportunity to bid for money to implement ideas in school which aims to improve outcomes for children and young people in mathematics. Maths collegues across the city also receive a termly newsletter which informs them of the maths activity happening in the city and any opportunities they might like to take advantage of.


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SDSA's Role

"The role of the SDSA is to co-ordinate and lead this work.
Maths Champions: SDSA organises the logistics, seeks inspirational and local speakers and gives schools the opportunity to share good practice and network together as collegues.
GTTS Training: SDSA is responsible for advertising these sessions, organising the logistics of the training, arranging local, well known, trainers who are familiar with the city to deliver a range of maths training to TAs, teachers and maths leaders.
Newsletter: SDSA hosts a termly newsletter which is sent to a variety of key players across the city to update them on local news, events and good practice."

Project Impact

This work has an impact in schools, measured by the consistent positive feedback from collegues. When Maths Champions have the opportunity to bid for money, or share good practice with other Maths Champions, this often reflects what is learnt from the different aspects that GTTS offers.

Project Lead

Nicole Dishington

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