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Peer Challenge

Peer Coaching

The SDSA has years of experience of supporting peer challenge schemes, be they between school leaders, between the local authorities (children's and adult services) or in sector-specific such as SEND or Early Intervention.

One of the SDSA's key principles is its belief in the expertise within sectors to launch their own improvement strategies. The effective sharing and analysis of good practice is often sufficient to support this improvement. The role off robust peer challenge within a sector-led improvement approach can deliver high impact. The SDSA provides training for peer challenge, from introductory half-day sessions to 2-day assessed programmes. The SDSA also co-ordinates schemes of peer challenge between participating organisations that include the pre-challenge diagnostics/assessments, the recruitment deployment and mobilisation of peer challenge teams, and the process support for the review itself. The SDSA has also developed simple online tools to facilitate the peer challenge process.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA provides training and project management for a range of school-based and local authority-based schemes of peer challenge.

Project Impact

The service improvement and professional learning through peer challenge is always rated extremely highly; not just for the recipient organisation, but also within the cross sector learning professional learning secured by those who provide the challenge.

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