School Development Support Agency

Supporting the development of the school-led improvement system

Support for Teaching Schools

Support for Teaching Schools

The SDSA has a growing portfolio of work to provide business support and extra capacity and co-ordination to Teaching Schools to enable them to fulfil their growing mandate.

The SDSA is procured by groups of Teaching Schools to provide them with the extra capacity and resources they need. As the role of Teaching Schools expands to include not just initial teacher training and CPD but also a growing responsibility for school to school improvement, then the business and co-ordination demands of this programme increase. The SDSA has the expertise is to provide this business support to enable the Teaching School professional and leadership staff to concentrate on the areas of their own expertise in school improvement. In the most significant package of support the SDSA has also helped Teaching Schools form companies and legal entities, recruit co-ordinators and to seek/obtain substantial funds to support the development of a school-led improvement system.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA fulfils a complimentary role of alongside Teaching Schools to increase and enhance their capacity. The SDSA co-ordinates many of the business and administration functions that free up the capacity of the Teaching Schools to focus upon their educational priorities.

Project Impact

Teaching School partnerships report increased capacity and capability to deliver the required functions because of the distinctive support that the SDSA provides. These groups of schools also evaluate their growing maturity within a school-led improvement environment.

Project Lead

Pete Chilvers

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