School Development Support Agency

Supporting the development of the school-led improvement system

Bespoke School Improvement Packages

Bespoke School Improvement Packages

The SDSA works with a range of individual schools and groups of schools to co-design and then provide tailored packages of school improvement support to meet identified needs.

The SDSA has extensive experience of the school improvement and has the facility to call upon expertise in local schools and a growing number of outstanding associates to provide schools with what they need. Recent examples include the support for a school's maths improvement strategy to re-culture the staff expectations, the curriculum and the delivery of teaching and learning. Another example provides support for the leadership of a school after a period of significant turbulence and a difficult inspection to help re-establish effective processes to deliver improved outcomes. The SDSA also supports system-wide improvement programmes


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA works with schools to co-produce and design the most appropriate form of support and then works with local schools and their associates to broker the necessary support.

Project Impact

All SDSA tailored packages have been highly evaluated by the receiving schools and successful in making a major contribution to the identified area of impact.

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