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Targeted School Leadership

Targeted School Leadership

The initiatives include Women in Leadership (Where I want to be), Church School Leadership, Aspire to BME Leadership and Disability and School Leadership (DASL).

It is essential that those involved in developing, attracting and appointing educational leaders draw upon the widest and most diverse pool of talent available, not just to ensure schools continue to benefit from world-class leaders, but to create a strong and robust leadership team that builds and maintains equality.  The four initiatives therefore help to ensure that a new generation of education leaders and headteachers are developed.  The initiatives include mentor arrangements, professional development, and 360 reviews for aspiring Headteachers, school governors, diocese and/or local authorities.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA facilities the programmes, advertising for participants, co-ordinating meetings, attendees and participation, and delivers professional development.

Project Impact

The programme of initiatives helps to ensure more diverse leadership within educational roles nationally and raise the aspirations and abilities of potential future leaders.

Project Lead

Juliet Martin

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