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Smoking Cessation Project

  Smoking Cessation Project

The SDSA co-ordinated a club night called What’s the Point! at a city centre music venue with live DJs, musicians and rappers who had been commissioned to create new music with lyrics about not smoking. The event was publicised using social media and marketing created by the Children’s Council and Young People’s Council.  A successful event targeting young people from across the city: over 100 young people attended and had a good time while learning about the effects of smoking.


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SDSA's Role

Co-ordinated in house, the SDSA team secured creative professionals to advise on social media, networking and guerrilla marketing specifically for young people. The SDSA also coordinated NHS support.

Project Impact

The event and the activities surrounding it were evaluated by young people and by the NHS commissioners to have made a significant impact on the attitudes of the young people involved.

Project Lead

Alan Curtis

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