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School Reading Projects (Whatever it Takes)

School Reading Projects (Whatever it Takes)

The Whatever it Takes reading initiative is funded in the most part by Schools Forum from the Direct Schools Grant plus some additional Council funding; all to the tune of approximately £1.2m each year.  The vast majority of this funding is distributed to schools in return for their project proposals to target the activities to improve standards of achievement and enjoyment of reading and support the initiative objectives.  These projects build capacity across the city to promote reading and most importantly provide schools with some top-up resources to enable them to pursue local actions in response to the circumstances of their children.

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SDSA's Role

The SDSA coordinates and facilitates all aspects of the school-based projects.  We provide the guidance for schools to apply for funding, co-ordinate the decision-making process with the project group and then work with the City Council to manage finance and the tracking of project progress.

Project Impact

The impact of school-based reading projects is undertaken on a regular basis through a formal reporting mechanism.  Projects are found to be making in a strong contribution to reading standards across the city.

Project Lead

Ellen Lee

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