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School Linking Network

  School Linking Network

Based on the Schools Linking Project (SLN) started in Bradford in 2001, backed by the Department for Education (DfE) the project enabled schools to develop their positions as hubs of tolerant and diverse communities and provide safe learning environments for all - whatever ethnic or religious background.  Pupils, parents and community members learned intercultural skills, knowledge and understanding that the work can help challenge stereotypes and combat prejudice.

The project has its roots in the curriculum and on developing the skills of both professionals and pupils and aims to develop community cohesion and increased understanding of diversity.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA managed the programme linking schools together, facilitating and negotiating where necessary.  This was through one-to-one support or maintaining relationships with the various schools and arranging possible venues for young people to meet.  The SDSA also delivered CPD training to each school through training days for teachers and senior management.

Project Impact

The project has led to improved relationships between schools in Leicester and improved community cohesion.  Pupils also have an increased understanding of diversity and relationship building skills.

Project Lead

Alan Curtis

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