School Development Support Agency

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School Council Support

School Council Support

School Councils are made up of representative young people elected by their peers to raise and discuss issues that are important to them with senior school management and school governors.  School Councils help young people to feel empowered and give them the opportunity to have a say about decisions that affect them, playing an active role in making their school a better place.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA provides training for young people around communication skills and how to run meetings.  This is supplemented with a support package for staff and teachers involved in the Councils by attending staff meetings, maintaining contact, securing senior management buy-in and troubleshooting where necessary.

Project Impact

School Councils provide young people with increased confidence and skills from an early age which will be with them into later life.  Through the SDSA's support nearly all Leicester schools now have a democratically elected School Council.

Project Lead

Alan Curtis

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