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Author Week (Whatever it Takes)

Author Week (Whatever it Takes)

Author Week offers all Leicester primary and secondary schools the opportunity to bring up to 50 pupils of their choice to a central location to work with one of our authors.  Pupils get the opportunity to listen to an author speak about their life and experiences (including question time) etc. and then engage in interactive reading and writing workshops based upon the author and their book.

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SDSA's Role

The SDSA undertakes the total event management for Author Week, carefully selecting authors to be showcased and invited to contribute to the event.  We coordinate all aspects of planning, transport and the activities of the week and support schools with lead in and follow up work so teachers are able to get the most out of the visit.

Project Impact

Over 5,000 Leicester city children each year enjoy the Author Week opportunity.  The feedback of pupils and their schools is overwhelmingly positive as the week gives children the opportunity to interact with authors they know from the pages of their books and it raises their aspirations and encourages them to read more. 

Project Lead

Ellen Lee

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