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Special Olympics

  Special Olympics

The SDSA created So Let's Learn (SOL), an education resource pack centred around the Special Olympics.  Through this pack, pupils learned about the positive message of the Special Olympics and developed an appreciation and understanding of its ethos.The SDSA also provided support to enable the activities and message of the Special Olympics to be experienced by young people in Leicester.


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SDSA's Role

SDSA co-ordinated the SOL School Celebration Event which was held in September 2009 at West Gate School.  The children were presented with gift certificates together with a copy of the ‘winners’ booklet, by the guest of honour Gerry Sutcliffe, then Minister for Sport, and some of the Special Olympians.

Project Impact

'So Let's Learn' was used effectively in a number of schools, enabling children to learn more about the principles and values of the Special Olympics.

Project Lead

Juliet Martin

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