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Regional Purchasing Framework

Regional Purchasing Framework

This independent social care procurement framework came into effect in 2011 after considerable development activity.  The framework is available to all local authorities in the East Midlands and is currently actively used by most of them.  It enables local authorities to move quickly through the procurement process with providers that have been evaluated and quality assured to provide good value.  It also includes price regulation and standardised contracting.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA supported the later stages of the development of this framework that is now hosted and managed by Northamptonshire County Council for the region, ensuring the maximum participation of all local authoritie. The SDSA also wrote the supporting guidelines for the framework.

Project Impact

Participating local authorities are already realising significant savings, which across the region amount to several million pounds per year.  The framework’s price regulation for four years means that these savings will be continued and expanded to enable local authorities to purchase placements from independent foster agencies and residential care providers with good price and value.

Project Lead

Mark Lambell

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