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RALAC Personal Coaching

RALAC Personal Coaching II

Raising Achievement Looked After Children (RALAC); A personalised support programme designed to provide vulnerable learners with an element of regular well focussed help that enables them to achieve learning objectives that might not otherwise be met.  The importance of finding the correct person to deliver this programme is imperative, the coach is therefore identified and provided by the school but funded by this scheme and provides regular and timely one-to-one coaching sessions.  The identified pupils/students range from year groups 5-11 with particular emphasis around support for exam preparation for the Year 6 and 11 groups.

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SDSA's Role

The SDSA co-ordinated activities across the personal coaching scheme for each individual pupil.  This included inviting the school to join the scheme, collating and recording the responses, objectives and outcomes, administering and distributing the funding to schools.  A full report outlining the outcomes of the scheme to show incremental academic achievement, softer learning achievements and pupil experiences was written at the end of each academic year.

Project Impact

Over several years hundreds of looked after children have had their achievement and well-being boosted through this personal coaching scheme.

Project Lead

Julia Smith

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