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PD Net

PDnet provides support for professionals in education who promote positive outcomes for children and young people with a physical disability. 

Formed in 1999 as the National Network of Advisory Teachers for Physically Impaired Pupils (NNATPIP) and changed it's name in 2014 to PDnet to reflect the changing group membership. PDnet operates at at a regional and national level. The national committee comprises of elected officers who also contribute to the regional groups. 


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA plans and organises the PDnet Annual National conference and its workshops on behalf of the national committee.  The SDSA also co-ordinates the creation of papers on behalf of the network to be submitted to central government.

Project Impact

The network exists to improve the opportunities of every child with a physical impairment by sharing best practice throughout the network and raising the profile and voice of its members.

Project Lead

Kate Drurey

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