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Midlands Early Years Workforce Development Network

Midlands Early Years Workforce Development Network

The Early Years Network includes the East and West Midlands and exists to share national developments within the early years world, exchange best practice from around the regions and develop collaborative working between local areas.

The network is for those who lead on Early Years provision in the East and West Midlands regions and has a focus on the workforce.  The group meets four times a year in Birmingham and Leicester to hear national keynotes on selected priority themes, address current issues, changes in policy and practice, and new opportunities.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA facilitates and co-ordinates the Early Years Network.  This includes liaising with Chairs, communicating with the network, arranging meeting contributions, providing administration support and organising meeting venues.

Project Impact

The Early Years Network seeks to address developments in a rapidly changing Early Years world. The network offers networking opportunities and the chance to hear from central government.

Project Lead

Juliet Martin

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