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Leicester Primary Partnership (LPP)

  Leicester Primary Partnership

LPP takes collective responsibility for all the primary children of Leicester City and all primary school headteachers are welcomed as members of LPP. It provides a forum for discussion of the views of primary headteachers and a means by which those views can influence decisions relating to the provision of education in Leicester. A newsletter is provided to those that subscribe to the service.

LPP works closely with other partners to ensure effective provision across the city and across the different phases of education. Its work complements and adds to that of the Leicester City Council's Children and Young People’s Service.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA hosts the Strategic Primary Lead Headteacher who supports LPP in building its capacity, developing strong partnerships, championing good practice, raising funds and brokering opportunities, and co-ordinating representation at all levels. The SDSA also provides administrative support for LPP events and development groups including a rapid and reliable minuting service and financial administration of LPP central funds.


Project Impact

LPP is identified by primary schools to provide an essential forum for the support of its members. Membership runs around 95% of eligible primary schools.

Project Lead

Liz Warren

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