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Leicester Complementary Schools Trust (LCST)

Leicester Complementary Schools Trust (LCST)

The LCST is committed to a high quality complementary school sector and has ambitious targets for all complementary schools in Leicester to subscribe to the national Code of Practice for Supplementary Schools and to achieve accreditation from the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools.  It provides innovative training and development work and administers the annual funding available for complementary schools on behalf of the Local Authority.

Originally created with funding from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, the Trust is now an independent charity with trustees representing complementary schools and other key partners.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA set up the Trust following the need for support for complementary schools identified by Leicester City Council and the University of Leicester in 2003.  The Trust has since become an independent charity.

Project Impact

Standards of teaching, supervision and management in complementary schools across the city of Leicester are improving as recognised and accredited through a national award scheme.

Project Lead

Khalid Mahmood

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