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Faith visits to Leicester

Faith visits to Leicester

Typical visit schedule

Morning: Visit to selected place of worship, tour, appropriate Q&A, meet their leaders or members of their congregation.

Themed religious meal or food tasting at the SDSA (optional).

Afternoon: Classroom session at the SDSA in our city centre venue with faith leader from the morning visit.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA will provide the following, free of charge:

- Support with your planning;

- Establish links for you with the faith settings;

- Offer a member of our staff to accompany your visit if required;

- Provide the classroom venue and arrange lunch if required;

- Refreshments for pupils, students and staff.


Your school will:

- Arrange and pay for your own travel;

- Pay for your lunch arrangements or bring packed lunches;

- Make a donation to the place of worship.

Project Impact

One primary teacher in Leicestershire who organised a Faith Visit to Leicester with the SDSA said “We had a wonderful day in Leicester, going to the Leicester Orthodox Synagogue in the morning, followed by a really interesting afternoon.  The children had their lunch and a session about Passover in the SDSA classroom with the Rabbi.  It was an ideal base for our visit.”

Project Lead

Juliet Martin

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