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CPD Partnership (School Workforce)

CPD Partnership (School Workforce)

Members of the partnership include local authority lead officers, university colleagues and the regional managers of the national organisations such as the National College, who have a support and delivery role in the training of the school workforce.  Membership remains fluid to reflect the prevailing circumstances and recently more school cluster CPD leaders, Teaching Schools and Licensees are starting to attend network meetings.  The partnership collaborates at a number of levels, sharing professional knowledge and understanding to strengthen local practice but also undertaking collaborative projects. 


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA convenes and facilitates the partnership and supports all communication.  We co-ordinate any joint actions agreed by the partnership.  The SDSA has served as the co-ordinator and project manager for more formal projects and contracts that the partnership has undertaken from time to time.

Project Impact

The partnership has fulfilled an important role across the East Midlands and added significant value to all partners and, through them, to the schools in the region.  Several projects have been strengthened and others created by the partnership members to add value to the training that is available.

Project Lead

Mark Lambell

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