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CPD Leadership in Schools

Support for CPD leaders is made available through a website that contains extensive support and guidance for CPD leaders in schools.  Within the guidance, self evaluation tools and action planning support, including numerous resources that schools can use to strengthen the work within their schools are made available.  Across the East Midlands region, groups of CPD leaders have been specifically trained and supported to work within schools and across school partnerships to strengthen the leadership of training and development arrangements for the school workforce.

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SDSA's Role

The SDSA served as the project manager and the applicant for the East Midlands region for the initial funded phase in the development of this CPD Leaders work.  Since then the SDSA has helped to co-ordinate local activity to train and develop over 100 CPD Development Leaders to work across schools.

Project Impact

The resources available through the website and their targeted use to train a cohort of CPD Development Leaders in the East Midlands has been evaluated formally to have made a significant impact.

Project Lead

Mark Lambell

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