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Complementary School Development Hubs

Complementary School Hubs

A Complementary School Development Hubs, or cluster, comprises a Leicester City Council (LCC) maintained primary or secondary school which serves as the hub school (venue, host and leader) working over a 12 month period with a group of 5-8 complementary schools within their community.

Clusters are supported to develop an annual programme of activity that delivers well organised provision, good quality teaching and learning, opportunities for significant additional achievement, and training for staff and volunteers.

The development of strong working relationships is encouraged and supported with other services and programmes including neighbourhood services, children’s centres, family support services, community cohesion, adult and family learning, and learning and curriculum support.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA co-ordinates and supports each school cluster to develop leadership roles within the maintained hub school, introduce programme elements, support the development of cluster programme activity, carry out quality assurance activity, linking clusters to other service providers, distribute funding and create links between clusters and disseminate outcomes.

Project Impact

Raising achievement through improved outcomes in Leicester’s complementary schools through a model of complementary school development hubs, or 'clusters', with LCC maintained schools at the centre.

Project Lead

Khalid Mahmood

Project Status


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