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Children's Council

  Children's Council

The Children’s Council is led by and made up of young people from around the city providing the opportunity to identify and discuss issues that are important to them.  This is done through monthly meetings and ‘Wotbox’ projects based in local libraries which help young people learn skills such as communication, article-writing and photography.  In some instances contact is made with members of Leicester City Council to follow up on issues that have been raised and can directly influence city policy in areas such as drugs and alcohol and ‘play’.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA facilitates the Children’s Council and provides meeting space once a month for the council meeting. The SDSA also supports the four young mentors and invites local councillors and speakers to the meetings.

Project Impact

The Children’s Council has fed into Leicester City Council activities and members often meet directly with Councillors and relevant stakeholders, with their opinions influencing city policy.  Members of the Children's Council also have increased confidence, communication skills and links with role models and peers.

Project Lead

Alan Curtis

Project Status


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