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ALICSE (Advanced Leadership in an Integrated Child)

Created and co-ordinated by the Directors of Children’s Services (DCSs) in the East Midlands, this programme was designed for existing leaders who may be a head of service or organisation or may work in one of the children’s service ‘sectors’ e.g., schools, health, police, youth, third sector and are now developing their leadership within an integrated children’s service environment.

The programme was underpinned by a needs assessment and was personalised to address a range of aspects of leadership in an integrated children’s service environment.  A range of delivery and learning methods were involved, including face-to-face events, personal tutor and peer support, action learning sets, 360 degree diagnostics and balanced score cards, supported work-based learning and the use of online resources.

During 2013 it was decided that the ALICSE programme should pause for a while and a different approach to reflect the changing environment should be taken.  Please see for further information.

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SDSA's Role

The SDSA co-ordinated the development and delivery of the ALICSE programme, reporting to an executive group led by the Directors of Children's Services.  The SDSA managed the planning and delivery of the programme, the recruitment and support of learners and the provision of an online environment to strengthen the programme.

Project Impact

ALICSE has made a significant contribution to a sustainable culture of leadership within children's services in the East Midlands.  Over 250 senior leaders from across all sectors of children's services in the region have participated in this programme.

Project Lead

Julia Smith

Project Status


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