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IT Manager (12 month Internship)

26/03/2018 18:09

Application information for the appointment of

IT Manager Internship

with the School Development Support Agency

 Application deadline: Wednesday 18th April 2018

Interview date: Thursday 26th April 2018

Salary: £15,000 – Start: summer 2018



Thank you for taking an interest in this position of IT Manager Internship I hope your interest might develop into an application that we can consider. This is an exciting opportunity for somebody who wants to develop their IT career within a small business environment.

The SDSA leads and supports partnerships and projects that improve outcomes for children and young people, especially within schools. We are based in Leicester but our work includes local, regional and national contracts. We think we are unique within the sector, operating as a not-for-profit support organisation, driven by a spirit of enterprising public-service. We are now well established with over 15 years of successful operation in a rapidly changing environment. You can find out more about the SDSA on our website or in the SDSA prospectus that can be downloaded.

The current SDSA team includes a number of colleagues who provide support, direction and leadership for our work. I know I am biased but they are a fantastic team and I know we have a growing reputation. The world of schools and children’s services is changing rapidly and support is increasingly being commissioned from organisations such as the SDSA. These are therefore exciting times for people who like to think and work ‘outside the box’ and have imaginative ideas for improving outcomes for children, young people and their families.

All the best

Pete Chilvers, Chief Executive, SDSA

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