School Development Support Agency

Supporting the development of the school-led improvement system

As and when required, the SDSA calls upon a range of associates to provide additional expertise, experience or capacity. At present we are pleased that the associates below are supporting this prospectus all highly renowned in their own right, happily working in partnership with the SDSA and its values-based approach. The SDSA also has the flexibility to use other associates and in some cases our clients ask us to use the expertise of colleagues known to them. 

Sally Manz

Sally Manz - School improvement inspection experience (Northamptonshire). Sally is a former Primary Headteacher and Senior School Improvement Advisor and has worked across large communities of schools to support and develop a sector-led approach. She is currently active as an Ofsted Inspector and supporting significant school partnerships.

Tamara Rolfs

Tamara Rolfs - Former Executive Headteacher with expertise in EAL contexts (Derby). As a former Executive Headteacher of primary schools in Derby, Tamara has experience of inner-city and urban environments with expertise in EAL bi-lingual learners, especially those new to English.

Gill Weston

Gill Weston - School improvement and inspection experience (Leicestershire). Gill has over 30 years’ experience in the education sector across a range of roles including local authority, senior leadership and interim headship. Her recent experience when Assistant Director for Education, Learning and Skills include working strategically and successfully to establish an integrated local authority approach to ensuring high quality education for all children and young people 0-19.

Bob Vincent

Bob Vincent - School improvement and inspection experience (Leicester, Leicestershire and Newham). Bob is an accredited School Improvement Partner and Standards Inspector; providing challenges and support to both primary and secondary schools. He is an experienced Ofsted Inspector and is an approved Headteacher Performance Management Consultant and School Governor.

Paul Weston

Paul Weston - Senior HMI and senior leadership in school improvement (Coventry). Paul has a wealth of education experience and a proven record of achievement in successfully raising standards in schools. He is been part of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) for 8 years and a member of the quality assurance and complaints teams as well as managing inspector of a HMI team. His experience as a headteacher of three distinctively different schools in has given him the experience of work in three diverse local authorities.

Hilarly Craik

Hilary Craik - DfE Education Advisor and School Improvement Advisor (Nottinghamshire). Hilary is a former headteacher and School Improvement Advisor with significant expertise in creating a professional learning climate to drive school improvement.

Christine Tarpey

Christine Tarpey - School improvement and inspection experience (Derby). Christine has a wide range of teaching and leadership experience in the primary sector, including 2 primary headships in Lincolnshire. She joined Leicestershire Advisory Service in 2001 working as a Link Adviser and later as KS3 lead for teaching and learning and Primary Strategy Manager. Christine went on to undertake the Head of Service (Primary) post at Stoke City Council and led the Improvement Service in Derby.

Chris Chafer

Chris Chafer- School improvement experience and National College Advisor. Chris has 37 years’ of experience as a primary teacher, headteacher, local authority adviser and education consultant. She has been described by OfSTED as, ‘providing very good leadership… (with) a clear vision for the school's future development’     

David Conner

David Connor- DfE Education Adviser and school improvement and inspection experience (Derbyshire). David has extensive experience of working in Children’s Services within the public sector, particularly in Education and social care but also in commissioning, partnership working and integrated services.

Adam Tuner

Adam Newman Turner- experienced facilitator with leadership expertise in community cohesion. Adam is an experienced Senior Leader in Secondary education. He has significant experience in community cohesion, inter-cultural partnerships and citizenship. Adam has also supported the development of multi-academy trusts.

Kate McKenna

Kate McKenna- supporting sector-led school improvement and National College Adviser (Leicester). Kate is a children service’s specialist in leadership development and the development of systems leadership in education and services for children and families. She has extensive experience of leading, managing, supporting and developing a range of organisations and agencies across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Noel Melvin

Noel Melvin- experience in school improvement as a leadership consultant. Noel is a former headteacher with 34 years of teaching experience. He has led schools going through significant changes as well as approximately 16 schools through inspections; including 6 schools in challenging circumstances to “good” Ofsted outcomes. Since finishing headship he has worked as a consultant promoting sports within the curriculum and supporting headteachers, senior leaders and governors.